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Friday, October 19, 2012


The carrot: this rabbit-favorite is chock-full of important vitamins and minerals that will keep any bunny (or body) hopping for joy.  Add carrots to your diet through salads, as a snack, or in a smoothie (just not through Carrot Cake!) to enjoy the many health benefits of this super food.

1. Vision

The beta-carotene found in carrots is converted into Vitamin A in the liver.  This Vitamin A is then further converted within the retina into a pigment that helps with night vision, protects against cataracts, and lowers the risk of muscular degeneration.

2. Cancer Prevention

Some studies have suggested that consuming carrots may help lower your risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

3. Anti-aging

Beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from damage done by free radicals, and helps slow down cell aging.

4. Skin

The Vitamin A paired with the antioxidants found in carrots helps protect skin, hair, and nails from dehydration and premature aging.  Additionally, Vitamin A helps with all sorts of skin problems such as premature wrinkling, acne, dryness, pigmentation, blemishes, and unevenness.  Try mixing grated carrot with a bit of honey for an amazing do-it-yourself face mask.

5. Anti-septic

Carrots can help prevent infection and are even used directly on cuts by some herbalists!

6. Heart Disease Prevention

Regular consumption of carrots helps reduce cholesterol levels because the soluble fibers in carrots bind with bile acids and help flush them out of your system.  Beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and lutein—all found in carrots—have all been shown to help lower your risk for heart disease.

7. Cleansing

Vitamin A helps the liver flush toxins from the body while reducing bile and fat within the liver.  The fiber in carrots can help cleanse the colon and hasten waste movement.

8. Oral Health

Eating carrots helps clean your mouth and gums by scraping off plaque and food particles and stimulating gums.  The minerals present in carrots can also prevent tooth damage.  (Hmm, maybe that explains why rabbits always have such large teeth!)

9. Stroke Prevention

Some studies have found that individuals who ate more than 6 carrots a week are less likely to suffer a stroke than individuals who ate one or less carrots per month.

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